Book Quote Challenge: Day Two

As mentioned yesterday, this is my participation in this event at the suggestion of noted review blogger ajoobacats. The idea is to come up with three quotes a day, and suggest participation to three other bloggers, for each of three days. I have decided just to do the first part, since I’m good at book quotes but lousy at asking people to do anything.

“For years I have with reluctant heart withheld from publication this already completed book: my obligation to those still living outweighed my obligation to the dead. But now that State Security has seized the book anyway, I have no alternative but to publish it immediately.”

–Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago, back cover

“‘We mustn’t run short of filmbase,’ the Duke said. ‘Else, how could we flood village and city with our information? The people must learn how well I govern them. How would they know if we didn’t tell them?'”

–Frank Herbert, Dune

“Let us be fair. Ford Frick does not try to do the wrong thing. Given the choice between doing something right or something wrong, Frick will usually begin by doing as little as possible. It is only when he is pushed to the wall for a decision that he will almost always, with sure instinct and unerring aim, make an unholy mess of things.”

–Bill Veeck with Ed Linn, Veeck as in Wreck


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