About J.K. Kelley

I’m a freelance writer with a background in history.  I’ve been ‘lancing since about 2002:  editing, proofreading and writing.  Writing appeals to me because it’s the only remotely artistic talent I have.

Careerwise, I’ve bounced around.  I’ve been a paralegal, a salesman, a bookkeeper and a computer jock. My first paid daily employment was cleaning out a basement where a dog had been confined for the winter. I prefer writing.

For fun, I like to write; read (travel, history, SF, fantasy, biography, trivia); watch college football (proud Washington Husky); play games (action, strategy, RPG); travel; sharpen knives; help people. In the past, I was an amateur athlete characterized by an absence of ability and an excess of hustle and desire: hockey, soccer, softball, baseball, tennis, golf. If my knees get good enough, I may once again golf.

This blog is my public presentation, which is not to say that I don’t make a few errors here and there; certainly I don’t proofread it to the obsessive standards offered to those who pay me. That’s because it is also part fun and part literary gym: a place to write somewhat for enjoyment, somewhat for practice, and to experiment now and then; a place to pardon myself for the occasional lapse.

Welcome. I’m glad you came, because readers are a writer’s purpose.


12 thoughts on “About J.K. Kelley”

  1. Readers are a writers purpose and writers are a reader’s biggest help – I love what you post in here (and that is coming from an aspirational writer.) It is so interesting and very well done!
    Love the blog,
    Wawawr xx


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