My complete published works as contributor, editor/abridger and/or proofreader

Please bear in mind that some of those where I was contributing author are not print-credited directly to me, thus Amazon can’t and won’t let me link them to my author page.  And even if they did, in some of them, the credits misspelled my name.  But for better or worse, I worked on the following:

Lords of Chaos Core Rules, 8/9/2022, by Randy Hayes; role-playing game rulebook. Developmental editor.

Ranch Legacy, 4/21/2022, by Earle Kirkbride; novel about gay men in Wyoming cattle country circa 1973. Substantive editor.

Nakedness Happens, 11/9/2021, by Jason Scott Kelly; thought-provoking  fictional account of male midlife crisis. Developmental editor with some line editing on review.

Frenchy’s Whore, 6/23/2021, by Verne E. Brewer II; non-fiction-with-a-few-changes re-release of author’s earlier Vietnam memoir. Developmental and line editor.

Out of Their Depth, 6/16/2019, by M.R. Cook; hard-boiled heroic fantasy. Developmental and substantive editor.

Blue Ice, White Powder, 11/9/17, by Jack Moscrop; a short adventure travel memoir. Developmental and line editor.

Life is Short, 2/3/17, by Shawn Inmon; an anthology combining fiction and autobiographical non-fiction. Substantive editor.

The Unusual Second Life of Thomas Weaver: A Middle Falls Time Travel novel, 7/27/16, by Shawn Inmon; paranormal fiction, formerly a serial compiled here into one novel. Developmental editor.

The Energy Shift, 5/13/16, by Ritu Rao; self-help. Substantive editor.

Awacha Nay–For My People, Vol. I, 4/8/15, by Heidi Ennis; Native American historical fiction. Substantive/developmental editor.

Second Chance Love, 2/3/15, by Shawn Inmon; compilation volume of all five stories into a single book. Substantive or developmental editor of the stories.

No Circuses, 1/14/15, by James F. O’Callaghan; humorous fictional adventure. Substantive and somewhat developmental editor.

Second Chance Wedding, 12/31/14, by Shawn Inmon; fifth and concluding volume of the series. Substantive/developmental editor.

Second Chance Thanksgiving, 11/11/14, by Shawn Inmon; fourth in a romance series. Substantive editor.

“Sigh,” 10/14/14, in charity fiction anthology 13 Bites, Volume II, by Shawn Inmon: short horror story. Substantive editor.

Chad Stinson Goes for a Walk, 9/30/14, by Shawn Inmon; short thriller. Substantive editor.

Shadows, 8/7/14, by Terry Schott; first in a contemporary SF series. Copy editor.

Second Chance Summer, 7/2/14, by Shawn Inmon; third in a romance series building into adventure. Substantive editor.

“Old Man” and “Shannon,” 6/6/14, in charity fiction anthology Summer Dreams, both by Shawn Inmon: short inspirational stories. Substantive editor.

Rock ‘n Roll Heaven, 3/26/2014, by Shawn Inmon: contemporary metaphysical/fantasy. Substantive editor.

Second Chance Valentines, 1/28/14, by Shawn Inmon: sequel to Second Chance Christmas. Substantive editor.

Christmas Town, 12/21/13, by Shawn Inmon: short Christmas fantasy story. Substantive editor.

Second Chance Christmas, 12/4/13, by Shawn Inmon: Christmas miracle story. Substantive editor.

“Bull Lick Lodge,” 10/13/13, in horror anthology 13 Bites, by Shawn Inmon: short scary story. Substantive editor.

A Place I Couldn’t Leave, 7/25/13, by Edwin P. Rowell with Ernie Rowell: memoir of a life in country music. Proofreader with light editing.

Both Sides Now, 7/9/13, by Shawn Inmon: sequel to Feels Like the First Time, true-life love story. Substantive editor.

It’s Not Rocket Science, It’s Parenthood, 3/5/13, by Shannon D. Jackson. Editor, and to some degree, guide on the publication path.

Lucky Man, 2/2/13, by Shawn Inmon: short thriller fiction. Editor.

Feels Like the First Time, 9/5/12, by Shawn Inmon: a true-life love story. I was proofreader, with a few editing views passed along.

In Search of Gentle Death, 5/21/12, by Richard N. Côté:  the story of the fight for the right to die with dignity.  I was final proofreader, though the highly skilled editing had let very little slip through the cracks.

Armchair Reader:  Haunted America, 10/1/2011:  all the ghost stories you could desire.  I did the fast facts.  Some of the research was rather challenging.

Armchair Reader:  Fascinating Bible Facts, 4/1/2011:  a diverse collection of analyses, descriptions, quizzes related to getting all Biblical.  I did the Biblical Neighbors, Jewish Holidays, Where Jesus Walked subcategories, plus quite a few stand-alone articles.

Armchair Reader:  New York City, 8/1/2010:  a collection of stories and fast facts about the Big Apple.  Authored a number of the stories and many of the fast facts/lists.

Armchair Reader:  Kick’n’ Back in Texas, 2/16/2010:  same for Texas, except I just did the fast facts.  Nearly all of them.  Texas was a wealthy field for quirky events, people and places.

Armchair Reader:  My Kind of Town, Chicago, 2/16/2010: same for Chicago, again just the fast facts.  Really had to be on my game, considering that my editors lived in Chicago and know it quite well.

Armchair Reader:  Packin’ it in Wisconsin, 2/16/2010: same for the Badger State, fast facts only.  Was very proud that I came up with multiple items that my Sconnie editor (and a pure joy to work with) hadn’t known of.

Armchair Reader:  All About Ohio, 1/10/2010: same for Ohio, fast facts only.  It turned out to have more odd stuff than a non-Ohioan might expect of such a quintessential middle American state.

Armchair Reader:  The Last Survivors, 7/19/2009: of events, movies, disasters and more.  Took a number of provided topic ideas and summaries and fleshed them out as requested. Heavy but very interesting research.

Armchair Reader: The Origins of Everything, 7/1/2009: where did that really come from? You can know.  Highly research-intensive, and thus very invigorating, because it’s usually not what you think.  Mostly articles.

Armchair Reader:  The Book of Myths & Misconceptions, 4/1/2009: publication date is so ironic I’m sure it was deliberate. Had a total lark on this one, one of PIL’s most invigorating book concepts to date.  Mostly articles.

Armchair Digest:  The Extraordinary Book of Information, 2/15/2009: compiled mainly from material purchased for the AR: Book of Incredible Information, which I did about 70% of.  PIL was kind enough to give me the only bio credit; I sign these in stores if the store wishes (they always do).  Straight trivia, lists of varying depth.

Armchair Digest:  The Fascinating Book of History, 2/15/2009: compiled mainly from material purchased for the AR: Amazing Book of History.  Generalist historical essays, often on obscure topics.

Armchair Reader:  Weird, Scary & Unusual, 8/29/2008:  the Husky in me enjoys that ‘weird, scary & unusual’ abbreviates to ‘WSU.’  I was a bit player here, though, with about six articles, helping out at the tail end.

Armchair Reader:  The Amazing Book of History, 7/1/2008: a sizable contribution of diversified historical articles.  Given that both my editors were women, I was rather honored to be assigned a heavy concentration of topics on women throughout history.

Armchair Reader: The Book of Incredible Information, 1/1/2008: also did about 70% of this, and also got the only bio credit (in the front, no less!), so I sign these for bookstores.  Lots of lists and trivia.  I did nearly all the Canadian-themed material.  Don’t be fooled by a lack of reviews; Amazon has several entries for it.

Armchair Reader:  World War II, 9/1/2007: my twenty published articles (of thirty purchased) were written in less than two months surrounding the 2006 holidays, which tells you something about how long the editing and publication process is.  Was paid the special honor that not only did PIL buy my first audition piece outright, they paid me to expand my second audition piece.  I could tell right there I was going to like them.

Robinson Crusoe (Townsend Library Edition), 5/31/2007, original by Daniel Defoe: edited for greater appeal to younger readers, with an eye to focusing on the great adventure story. A lot of the trimming was wordiness.

Swiss Family Robinson (Townsend Library Edition), 3/1/2006, original by Johann Wyss: edited as above, plus wrote Wyss’s bio (uncredited).  A note on crediting:  I’m not complaining.  Sometimes your work gets edited so heavily that it’s more someone else’s than yours, and as long as you get paid, you have to accept that.  Crediting is nice, but not promised or obligated.

The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood (Townsend Library Edition), 5/1/2005, original by Howard Pyle: edited as above.  What joy, for it was my very favorite childhood adventure story.  An honor to touch it with the pen.

The Beasts of Tarzan (Townsend Library Edition), 5/1/2004, original by Edgar Rice Burroughs: edited and authored afterword.  Many of the changes had to do with Burroughs’ prejudices, writing as he did in the post-Victorian era.  Third in a trilogy.

The Return of Tarzan (Townsend Library Edition), 5/1/2004, original by Edgar Rice Burroughs: edited.  Same parameters; second in a trilogy.

Treasure Island (Townsend Library Edition), 5/1/2004, original by Robert Louis Stevenson: edited, authored basis of afterword.  The only childhood pleasure that could nearly compare with Robin Hood.

Tarzan of the Apes (Townsend Library Edition), 9/1/2003, original by Edgar Rice Burroughs: edited, authored afterword.  First in a trilogy, and the cause of my one and only fan letter.  A reader from an ERB appreciation society wrote in (by hand) to point out a small error in my account of Burroughs’s death.  I wrote back to him and thanked him–hey, you have to treat your public well.

White Fang (Townsend Library Edition), 9/1/2003, original by Jack London: editing only.  Mostly redacted a lot of London’s going on about the metaphysical spookiness of the wild.

Call of the Wild (Townsend Library Edition), 9/1/2003, original by Jack London: afterword only.  My first print credit that was more than glorified advertising.  Thank you, John Langan of Townsend Press:  you have an outstanding company and I would recommend TP educational texts and literature to anyone. And often do.

Numerous mutual fund prospectuses and periodic reports, 1994-1997; final proofreader.


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6 thoughts on “My complete published works as contributor, editor/abridger and/or proofreader”

  1. The question here, OSG, is whether a dittoed hobby publication from 1979 with a circulation around 100 merits inclusion on a serious list of my print credits.


  2. I’m ashamed to say that I haven’t yet dived into the copy of Armchair Reader: The Amazing Book of History that you once gave me. But now that it’s been brought back into my consciousness, I will put it on deck, to be devoured after the Asimov essay collection I’m midway through.


    1. Glad it resurfaced in your consciousness, Bruce, and hope you enjoy it very much. I did a fair number of the women-themed pieces in there. Rather honored to be assigned them, given that both my acq eds were women.


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