Book Quote Challenge: Day One

So what happened is that fellow traveler ajoobacats, a gracious soul, challenged me to participate in this. I’m supposed to post three of my favorite book quotes per day, and nominate three other bloggers to do the same each day, for three days. While I’m not comfortable approaching three people to participate, let alone nine, I like the fundamental premise quite a bit. Unless I get caught up in my work, that part I’m going to do.

For today:

“You must love Big Brother. It is not enough to obey him; you must love him.”

–George Orwell, 1984

“If you put away those who report accurately, you’ll keep only those who know what you want to hear,” Jessica said, her voice sweet. “I can think of nothing more poisonous than to rot in the stink of your own reflections.”

–Frank Herbert, Children of Dune

“For example, since the Haves publicly pose as the custodians of responsibility, morality, law, and justice (which are frequently strangers to each other), they can be constantly pushed to live up to their own book of morality and regulations. No organization, including organized religion, can live up to the letter of its own book.”

–Saul Alinsky, Rules for Radicals



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