Aging is when:

You finally start to figure out what is baloney, and what is real.

It’s too late in life for you to profit much from that.

You look around for people who can, who have more time.

You learn that most of them just aren’t ready to absorb it.

You understand, because at their age, you wouldn’t have absorbed it either. How else did this take you so long?

You either make peace with that, or not.

If you do, you at least aren’t alone.


4 thoughts on “Aging”

  1. If I could travel back in time and tell my 20 or 30 year old self things I really need to know, that 20 or 30 year old self would still think, “Who is this old man, and where does he get off telling me how to live my life.”

    There’s just nothing for it.


    1. Yep. That’s exactly what it comes down to. And who should grasp the ignorance and defiance natural to youth better than those of us who exemplified it in our day? We truly have no excuse for failure to accept this philosophically, unless we wish to admit that even now, we still learned nothing.


  2. What a relief that people agree that there is such a thing as truth!
    I think we might consider how we communicate these truths to those who are younger than ourselves and/or different than ourselves. Truths embedded in a joke can touch just about anyone. Poetry and song also are powerful vehicles. Further, not everyone lacks the ability to grasp these truths at a young age. My three year old made the observation that “its so silly to think of life as a circle, its really just a line.”
    Ideas have different proportions and different shapes. The great (and thankfully very short) essay by Isaiah Berlin titled “The Hedgehog and the Fox” talks about ideas as they relate to people and people as they relate to ideas. It’s a powerful essay. It’s on the short list for my children.


    1. I’m not much help at communicating anything to children, Aubrey, so I have no input there. I was thinking by and large of young adults and near-adults.


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