No, I’m fine.  Today we are experiencing some of the bizarrest weather I can recall.  It’s 20° F (about -7° C, for the rest of the world), and we have freezing rain, feels a lot like ‘slain’ as in sleet/rain.  This is not supposed to be possible.  This should be snow, at that temperature, not slain.  It’s landing atop the 8″ of snow we have, creating an icy crust.  The icy crust does bring some amusement–for example, when one’s miniature schnauzer attempts to navigate it.  And he must, because I have to take the little bendejo outside for his restroom visits.

Naturally, when this happens, your correspondent is in his element.  I like ice and snow and tend to be highly resistant to both, so it’s a good time to look out for neighbors–especially Mrs. A, who is elderly, lives alone and is a wise and kind lady.  This is why we stock up on icemelt in early spring when everyone’s trying to get rid of it.  We live at the top of a very steep cul-de-sac, 17% slope, and no one can get up it without studs or chains.  Amazingly, the pizza people still delivered, trudging up from the bottom.

If someone delivers you pizza in this, and you give them a lousy tip (or none), and you have a religion, you need to apostatize, because you lack a soul.


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