Okay, I’ve learned a lesson.

Never follow any rule off a cliff.

Put another way:  for people to be interested in the everyday mundane about one’s life, even if infused with some comedy, one has to be more famous than I am.

My readership isn’t enormous, but it is steady and doughty, and it’s way down this week.  Clearly the concrete saga, which I thought might have some interest, isn’t all that interesting.  I say that without the slightest sour grapes; rather, I am thinking, “Well, I’m glad I did the experiment.  Didn’t work.  Learn and move on.”

So, there will not be a continuance of the concrete saga, or those like it, unless they produce something I think someone besides me would find interesting.  I will return to eclecticism and variety, which my dearly appreciated and valued readers (that would be you) have shown that you prefer.  And honestly, I’d prefer to write eclectically anyway, so this is a happy learning experience.

Speaking of which, if there is a type of blogging you prefer/enjoy, by all means leave a comment telling me what you would rather see.  I am of the philosophy that says:  be kind to the reader.  I will be glad to be influenced to write what you do want to read.


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