Concrete getting interesting

This afternoon I took a look outside.  I saw a section of  my fence completely shattered, a bunch of gnarly tree roots torn up (some large enough to cut up for firewood), and a Bobcat sitting in the dusty, rocky driveway with a rear wheel removed.

It is illogical to conclude that the Bobcat was jacked and stripped by Bobcat thieves.  It is more logical to suppose that the contractor got a flat tire.  That must have annoyed him quite a bit.  So must the tree roots have.  Myself, I’m not too enthused about having a section of the fence blown away, but I’ll find out what happened before I have a reaction.  I’m guessing there was a root running under the old concrete (now removed completely), he got hung up on it with the bucket, and it somehow ripped out that fence section.  He is probably wondering how he’s going to explain it to me.  I am betting this is one of those cases where one gets more with flexibility and patience than with anger and venom.

Tomorrow, at least in theory, he is building forms, and I’ll have to mark where I want the fence brackets, so I’m sure I’ll get an explanation.  It should be very interesting.


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