Nephew hilarity

So, this evening I’m sitting here and the following dialogue occurs:

Nephew (from a distance, calling out over the sound of music):  “Uncle, Imgnovrta Seths.”

I looked out sort of askance at him, as he is profligate with fuel.  “Okay.”

Neph:  “Eneedsda’ock.”

Me, incredulous:  “He needs the cock?”  I begin cackling.

Neph, embarrassed:  “No!  He needs to talk!

By now I am belly-busting, laughing like a maniac.  I can’t resist, especially as we have often kidded Neph about the time he spends with his friend.  “That’s okay.  We don’t have a problem with it.”

Neph, laughing a bit but ready to get the hell out of here:  “And on that note, I better get going.”

He left to the sound of absolutely insane laughter from his uncle.

My nephew has a rough life at times.


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