Fugitive from the menu police

Is anyone else in this boat? It’s almost foreordained.  Any time I decide I like a menu item at a restaurant, within weeks (sometimes days) the item comes off the menu.  Discontinued.  It almost never fails.  It is as though the menu police tail me from restaurant to restaurant, carefully noting any dish I seem to enjoy–the Dining Volkspolizei.

Someone else please assuage my paranoia and tell me it’s not the Dining Vopos, that it happens to them too?


2 thoughts on “Fugitive from the menu police”

  1. I’ve had this happen too. Sometimes they will still make what you want even if it’s off the menu. Never hurts to ask.

    If these are chain restaurants, know that most menu items are up to the manager of the restaurant to keep on or take off depending on demand. For example, Applebee’s allows the manager of each restaurant to set a percentage of the menu items based on what sells at that particular location and menus are custom printed for each location, too.

    Again, it never hurts to ask. That’s why I prefer locally owned joints, they don’t fix what ain’t broke, plus they have daily specials.


    1. Yes, I usually ask. For a long time afterward they can still make it. Especially if you have a history as being a kind and generous tipper. Funny how it works, eh?


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