Do you promise not to put my tires on someone else’s car?

We had that conversation today down at Les Schwab.  Last fall I had to buy new studs for my wife’s car.  Les Schwab put my tires on the car of a mediocre local news anchor.  The only credit they earned occurred when the supervisor came out to the waiting area and enumerated this event to me.  Too stunned to speak at first, I just stared at him with the you could not possibly be this stupid look.  Moreover, I was in no way compensated for the extra hour and a half I had to sit around waiting for them to fetch her car back, get my tires, put them on Deb’s car, etc.  Sorry.  You’re screwed.  You will be delayed another hour and a half; no, it is not your fault; no, you will not get that time back, nor anything for it; yes, we really do expect you to just meekly accept this.

I don’t do ‘meek’ too well.  I am resolved not to let them forget it soon.  If that’s the only compensation I get, besides sinking this particular banderilla, very well.

This led to today’s odd conversation as I had the studs swapped out for the regulars (required soon by law).  I went to the counter, and asked how long it would be.  I explained what had happened last time, and asked if she could promise they would not give someone else my tires.  If she would promise, I would dare go eat some guilty pleasure lunch across the street.  Otherwise I would stand there and never take my eyes off my tires.  This was the part where she was supposed to show shocked disappointment and wonder what could be done to restore my confidence.  I didn’t think very much of her attitude, quite frankly; she acted almost as if I were making it up.  She didn’t quite eyeroll, but Les Schwab got another black mark for that.

Guess they’ll just have to wear it.  It’s not like I would tell the story on the Internet or something.


3 thoughts on “Do you promise not to put my tires on someone else’s car?”

  1. Hey Jonathan, it’s Amanda, I haven’t read through your blog in some time, but I feel obligated to comment here. I LOATHE Les Schwab. Will never set foot in one again… ever… At some point in the past I was having issues with my car, when I hit the brakes, the car would lurch forward about two feet even though I had my foot firmly pressed down. Needless to say a little dangerous, and I thought something was wrong with my breaks. I managed to get to a nearby Les Schwab, and explained the situation, including my suspicion that there was something wrong with my brakes. They informed me that they were too busy and asked if I could return the next day at 10 am. O.o Hmmm so they wanted me to drive my car, which was having serious stopping issues and could very likely cause an accident, home and return the next day because they were too busy?? Yeah never again…


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