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Selkirk Loop

Deb and I have decided to go up North for our anniversary this year.  Taking full advantage of having a live-in housesitter (our nephew can be tasked with this, and little enough is asked of him), we are going to get the heck out of here for a long weekend when the time comes.  We treat our anniversary as a pretty special holiday each year, truly celebrating it, looking back, sharing.  We drink champagne from Mullingar pewter goblets that were wedding gifts from my dear friend Domi, get each other special presents, and generally put effort into it.  This will be #13, which is important because before long, we will surpass the number she had with her ex-husband.

The Selkirk Loop circles from Newport, WA up through Metaline Falls to Salmo, BC, up to a ferry crossing at Balfour, BC over Kootenay Lake, then south to Creston, BC, Bonners Ferry, ID, Sandpoint, ID and back to Newport.  It goes through some very scenic terrain with great side trips and places to visit.  We are stoked:  Deb is an avid camera nut and we have good friends in the region who want to take us for the kind of scenic drive only locals know about.  Best of all, neither of us has been–I have been to Sandpoint, but only briefly, and I was on a mission. (No, not that kind of mission. I’m not LDS.)

If anyone has been up to this region, we’d love to hear your suggestions!