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How we confer rights

We are very interesting, are we not, in our sense of proportion? We will make armloads of laws to punish people for ingesting the substance or smoke of a given plant, throwing all kinds of roadblocks–an act which may be completely individual, personal and private.  We do not grant this right unfettered.

By contrast, the right to create a new life–thus handing existence to a helpless person and saying “I may do this right, I may be lousy at it, I may give you away and not do it at all, but whatever I do or don’t do, you get to deal with the consequences”–this we fetter not at all.  Anyone’s allowed.  To suggest it be restricted in any way at any time comes off as the worst sort of fascism.  Even to suggest that it be restricted, even in the case of those who have already abused the privilege with its proven idiotic exercise, reeks of Adolf.  As for trying to restrict what one does after the fact, that’s irrelevant.  Whatever we restrict after the fact, the damage is done.  The helpless person has been given life, and cold hard reality is that he or she now gets the end fallout.

How is it more necessary to interdict something so personal and private as screwing around with a plant, than to interdict the incontinent siring and production of new human beings at random?

Yeah, I was reading the latest Octomom article.  Could you tell?