New release: Second Chance Thanksgiving, by Shawn Inmon

This short story/novella is now available. I was substantive editor. It is the fourth installment of Shawn’s Second Chance series. Though one can read it as a stand-alone without difficulty, I recommend the three previous editions as a good lead-up.

I believe that when Shawn hatched the idea to align the series’ release dates with holidays, that was in the category of ‘seemed like a good idea at the time.’ It has proven challenging for him, and by extension, for me to a lesser degree. Our earliest discussions of the storyline centered around how to portray and unfold the events foretold in Second Chance Summer, and those happen to fit well with Shawn’s professional knowledge, so I was confident he would handle them well. He definitely has.

Since romance is the name of the game in this storyline, the reader who returns to it for matters of the heart portrayed with unabashed confidence will not be disappointed. Of course, when he sent me the first editing candidate draft, I didn’t pull any punches. There were a few twists that I felt made no sense, and a few possibilities unexploited, and I suggested he address both situations. Shawn is coachable, and he got back to it. The result is a somewhat different type of story than the previous books, which I believe readers will find refreshing–and it will close up some threads while opening others. As always, I enjoyed the project, and working with Shawn.


2 thoughts on “New release: Second Chance Thanksgiving, by Shawn Inmon”

  1. Shaun has a fun, direct voice. I really enjoyed his last short story/novella, Chad Stinson Goes for a Walk, and have thought about it many times since then. So I’m going to check this one out, too! You are a dream editor, J.K.


    1. Heh, thank you, Christi. Although I am not sure it’s always a happy dream, at least when I get a little too blunt. I’m confident you will enjoy the story, and thank you for checking it out!


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