Sprint taken for a huge ongoing scam

First, I refer you to this fascinating article:

How Sprint loses millions monthly

The amazing thing here is the utter toxicity of the culture there.  There are so many people in on the game that they can undo the efforts to stop it.

Deb and I can relate because the last time we renewed with Sprint, it was such a complete goat rodeo that we swore to fire them as soon as our contract was up, which is not far away.  I really cannot wait to be rid of this outfit, especially when I realize that my costs are higher because of losses from internal scams Sprint lacks the intellect or will to prevent.


4 thoughts on “Sprint taken for a huge ongoing scam”

  1. Interesting….. I have a friend in the KC area who has a top-end cell phone for everyone in his family (5 members) that he has gotten through “a friend who works for Sprint”. He continually bragged about the cheap costs of “his plan” and he used his phone for all kinds of on-line stuff all day long – and I assume his whole family did also. I couldn’t believe everything he was telling me about his services and the cost. It was a fraction of what I was paying for a mediocre plan for two phones through a competitor.


    1. Interesting, Uncle Mike. Those dots aren’t too hard to connect. As someone who pays Sprint $135/month for one full figured phone and one bare bones phone, you can imagine how I feel about paying the way for chiseling. While I can’t work up any crocodile tears for Sprint, it is still a crime ring and it’s not doing the general public any favors at all, as it just drives up the cost for everyone else.


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