It’s only a fish wound!

Well, not a bad one.  How do you get cut open by a fish on land? Well, suppose you are bumbling through your local antique store, and they have just set down a big swordfish (heavy sucker, like 5′ long).  Not being real bright people, they put the fish diagonally, so that the tail fins stuck right out into a walkway.  Unfortunately, they didn’t contrast much visually with the linoleum.  Thunk.  While I’m not the type to run around blaming other people or institutions for my poor navigation, it probably wasn’t their smartest move to put that there, either.  I mean, you wouldn’t put a pitchfork down there with the tines sticking out into the walkway.

I was surprised how sharp the fish tail’s tip was; went right through my skin along the top of the kneecap.  The woman operating the place showed zero concern, even when I said “I guess there isn’t much blood.”  That told me she wasn’t the sharpest business tool in the shed.  She did offer me some coffee.  Did I retort:  “Why, is coffee good to put on a bleeding gash?” No, I did not.

The post’s title, of course, was that quick comeback that we think of later, the one we never think of at the time. At least I don’t.

One reason I like editing is because I always have time to think of what to suggest someone should say.


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