Scandinavian metal

Okay, not all of it is Scandinavian.  Not even sure it all qualifies as metal.  My moods are very heavily shaped by music in all forms, but lately people have been turning me on to a wide variety of new music.  Today I’m going to share some tunes with you.

Alestorm:  Scottish pirate metal.  Favorite track:  Keelhauled.

Dalriada:  Hungarian folk metal.  Favorite track:  Világfutó Szél.

Faun:  German/Celtic folk metal.  Fave:  Unda.

Korpiklaani:  Finnish folk metal.  Fave:  Wooden Pints.

Nightwish:  Finnish folk metal.  Fave:  Over the Hills and Far Away.

Turisas:  Finnish Viking metal.  Fave:  Stand Up and Fight!.

Týr:  Faroese Viking metal.  Fave:  Regin Smiður.

None of it has to do with editing services, but neither must everything posted here. Enjoy.


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