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When one is not on an assignment

Just because I’m not on a writing assignment doesn’t mean I get to goof off all day.  That wouldn’t be good for me anyway.  What to do on such a day?

  • Read.  Authors must read.
  • Respond to a business query about editing work.
  • Find nephew guilty of leaving boxcutter in shorts put in washer.  Criticism–much stinging criticism.
  • Do some financial stuff, since I’m also the $ manager around here.
  • Think for a while about the Ireland book and what needs to happen to it to improve it.
  • Watch Big Brother.
  • Drop off wife’s prescription refills.
  • Blog.

Not an arduous day, though I will pay for it another time when I’m writing for fourteen hours a day seven days a week.  I’ll take the more relaxed days when I have them, remembering the ones where it felt like my eyes would bleed–and a few that left marks.