Scumbag studies: what’s wrong with “Hunting Hitler”

You may have seen this series on the so-called “History Channel,” if you could spot it in your program guide against the wall-to-wall junk about ancient aliens and auctioning off abandoned storage units. Hunting Hitler purports to gather a dream team of ex-military, intelligence, and police operatives in order to prove that Adolf Hitler did not die in the bunker in Berlin, but escaped to South America.

The show jumps around between Europe, the U.S., and South America as teams of investigators look into various possibilities of Adolfian escape. Its first hurdle: why shouldn’t we believe the official version–that Adolf and Eva Hitler (née Braun) committed suicide in the Führerbunker on April 30, 1945? The airy dismissal: evidently the bone fragments in Russian possession have been tested and found not to be Adolf Hitler’s, but of a woman under forty years old. What’s wrong with that? Well, assuming the fragments in Moscow do come from the Hitler burial/cremation site just outside the bunker (not proven, and probably not provable), there would seem to be the chance the tested portions belonged to Eva Hitler. She turned 33 in February 1945. There are more questions one should ask and the show does not: so what if the Russians have the wrong bones? All that would prove is the Russians are not showing Adolf Hitler’s bones; it does not prove they do not have them. They might not have them, but that’s a negative beyond our power to prove. But even if they don’t have Adolf’s bones, that doesn’t prove he survived the war. It only means we are not supplied physical proof of his death.

The Russian version, released after the fall of the USSR, is that the NKVD conducted an extensive examination of the bunker’s surrounds. They found the charred remains of the Hitlers, two dogs, and the Goebbels family (children murdered by parents, who then committed suicide). To identify Adolf, they hunted up his dentist and checked his extensive dental work against the records. They gathered up all of it and buried it at an airbase near Magdeburg, in what would become East Germany, without any special preservation efforts. There the remains lay decaying until the late 1960s, when the Soviet Air Force prepared to hand the base over to the East Germans. Someone realized, Oh scheisse, we buried Hitler and Goebbels and all the other bones at that base. You nincompoops! Go dig it up, all of it, incinerate it, pulverize it, and dump it in a river! This was done, say the Russians. In the mood to evaluate the presentation for yourself? Good. Think and research for yourself, rather than just taking me at face value. Hitler’s Death, by Vinogradov, Pogonyi, and Teptzov, presents the evidence. Decide for yourself whether this is all an elaborate hoax. I don’t think it is.

Until the fall of the USSR, we might have dismissed the Soviet version as unreliable for all sorts of reasons. Had they offered it, we might have asked: why then? What would they gain? One thing Soviet leaders did not historically do was reveal hidden truths simply to clear up misunderstandings, especially as Stalin’s stance in the postwar period had shifted to hinting that the Americans had helped Hitler escape. (We didn’t exactly get a lick amiss, as Aunt Polly said to Tom Sawyer, considering that we did cover up for some German and Japanese war criminals where we felt it suited our interests.) Post-Soviet leaders revealed a number of hidden truths, though; logical motives might include improving relations, a spirit of new beginnings, and just to put the matter fully to bed. What is more, the Soviet version makes a fair bit of sense. They had much on their minds in the postwar period, what with half a dozen new satellites to absorb and control, a vast military to stand down in an orderly way, plus the growing tension with their former allies. In order to believe these Hunting Hitler people, we first must dismiss the Russian version. I do not see why we should.

Then there are the real Nazi hunters: Simon Wiesenthal, Beate and Serge Klarsfeld, and Israel’s famous intelligence agency we know as the Mossad (failing that, the Holocaust Center at Yad Vashem). Wiesenthal has passed on, but he left behind the Simon Wiesenthal Center. Surely all of the above have at least considered the possibilities behind hunting down every unaccounted-for Nazi of noteworthy infamy, even just to learn what became of him or her. If you and I decided to go chasing Hitler, kind reader, I’d probably say: “All right. My first idea is let’s get in touch with the Wiesenthal Center, the Klarsfelds, and if they will talk to us, the Mossad. If you can think of anyone else, great, let’s contact them too. I speak some Hebrew, which may or may not help. If Mossad ignores us, Yad Vashem probably won’t. Let’s ask all of them what they think happened to Hitler, without agenda, and why they believe what they believe. Then let’s examine their reasoning and see if we’ve got a sound basis to think that all these highly intelligent, sophisticated, focused, and very personally motivated people and institutions have somehow given up too quickly.” Then I’d listen to what you thought of my idea, but I’ll take a guess you’d consider that a sound start. The show doesn’t even bring this idea up. Why not?

Even if we do reject the Russians’ version and others’ conclusions–for without doing so, the producers have no show; thus we proceed from here on a “for the sake of argument, let’s assume” basis–we then have to figure out how this frail, decrepit drug addict managed to escape the Soviet encirclement of Berlin. This encirclement was neither lazy nor casual, not with over two million Soviet and Soviet-allied troops ringing Berlin and thousands of Soviet aircraft blanketing an airspace perhaps ten miles in diameter. The show spent much time on one escape bolthole that would have provided a route to Tempelhof Airport, south and east of the bunker. It spent another batch of time on a long street that perhaps could have served as a runway for something like a Fieseler Storch (the Germans’ marvelous scout aircraft). This does not withstand scrutiny. The valid questions: all right, which was it? And why did you spend all this time on one route, then stop talking about it and develop a theory of another route? Unless the researchers answer that question, they’re just trying to establish the possibility. That is not the same thing as demonstrating proof; the most it can do is sow reasonable doubt, which I do not believe it does. Then there’s the question of the long odds against any German aircraft having the good luck (and avgas, in minimal supply) to take off from anywhere in encircled Berlin and escape Soviet combat air patrols. And then, to go where?

Again the show can’t make up its mind, and thus puts forth a couple of theories. Both lead to the southern cone of South America. One departs from northern Germany and then takes a U-boat from northern Norway to South America. The other escapes first to Bavaria, then Austria, to a Spanish U-boat base, then to South America. They can’t decide between these, either, but they find plenty of evidence that could more plausibly be explained by submarine warfare (a staple of the Nazi war effort) and postwar escapes under the aegis of ODESSA, the SS organization that certainly did help numerous war criminals flee the long arm of justice.

All along, the show salts in evidence of weapons manufacture, with dark hints that it could be nuclear. It refers to Hitler’s pipe dream ‘Amerika bomber,’ a series of prototype aircraft culminating in the Junkers Ju-390. Did Hitler want to bomb the U.S.? Of course he did. He also wanted non-Aryans to submit peacefully to slave labor and extermination, and he wasn’t going to get that either. Does that have any relevance to his supposed escape? Not unless one is positing that he somehow had a clandestine way to make these bombers in Argentina, or that he used one to escape–which the show doesn’t do. In any case, if he were to attempt escape by air, it would seem more sensible to use the proven, reliable aircraft used throughout the war for diplomatic missions to South America: the Focke-Wulf Fw-200 Condor, which existed in modest numbers, and could make it to and from Buenos Aires with suitable refueling stops. So that’s a nothingburger. Another such is when the team finds a supposed small arms manufacture plant in Argentina or Chile (I forget which). It drops the inference that this is where Hitler must have been planning his Fourth Reich. Yeah, makes a lot of sense: at most a few hundred guys and some homebrew weapons are going to Make Adolf Great Again. The host government surely won’t mind its territory used this way, right?

Case in point about weapons hints: the team ‘discovers’ that the Nazis were using the facilities at the Norsk Hydro plant near Rjukan, Norway, to manufacture heavy water. This substance can play a role in the manufacture of nuclear fuel. This is not terribly far, they discover, from an obsolete four-gun coastal defense battery near Kristiansand, which they have decided must be Very Special and perhaps part of Adolf’s bugout route. There must be a connection, and this must have been part of Hitler’s Fourth Reich plans! The actors’ eyes grow very wide. Those of their Norwegian guides do not.

Wait, why not? Doesn’t that sound at least a little suspicious? In 1943, Norwegian commandos with balls the size of watermelons sabotaged the heavy water production at Rjukan, generally accepted as the knockout blow to any remote possibility of a Nazi “nucular” weapon, as one of the cast members persists in calling it. This may hint at the educational level to which the show expects to appeal. The Nazis tried to ship out the remaining D2O, and got it as far as a boat in a fjord, which the Norwegians sank. That’s it. That’s the story of Norway and the Nazi atomic bomb, and everyone who knows much of anything about World War II understands this. The fact that the Nazis had a coastal defense battery in south Norway means nothing by 1945, because as a 15.5″ gun battery, it was outgunned more than double by a single Iowa-class US battleship. In an age of air power, the only reason not to bomb such a battery flat is that it was too useless to bother plastering.

So the battery means nothing, the heavy water plant activity is well documented and seriously impaired by 1945, and yet out of this the ‘investigators’ act as if they might find an elderly, disheveled Hitler alive in some hidden hole. In fact, they spend a fair bit of effort trying to find the basement of a long-demolished building which they opine will produce Big Revelations. What big revelations? That the Nazis used the hydroelectric plant to produce heavy water? I hate to think what Knut Haukelid, the senior Norwegian commando on the raid, would make of this garbage.

There is stuff like that in every episode. Found a Nazi coin? Proof of Hitler! Found some discarded Nazi decorations? Hitler Wuz Hear! A Nazi slogan or graffiti? This must surely be part of Hitler’s escape route! We’re onto Something Big!

This is a bad version of what we call historiography: the methods of researching, studying, and presenting history. Its key component is critical thinking. “OMG this fortress-like compound was armed and making weapons right here in Argentina! Proof of Hitler!” Oh, really. Yeah, looks like there was some weapons manufacture going on, but if anyone thinks such a location needed to be heavily fortified to protect itself from the Argentine government, ask yourself who could prevent the Argentines from sending a rifle division to surround and reduce this place as a field training exercise. Then ask yourself who else could do so without Argentine consent to the deed. Short of dropping an airborne regiment (which would be an act of war against Argentina), no one. There is no way such a compound could have existed without the assent, silent or otherwise, of the Argentine government. Then why build it?

Here is one reasonable speculation: Argentina was known for sporadic military coups in which the losing side’s leaders might well need a place to hide out for a while. Might some such leader work out a deal for such a hideout to be built for him with expatriated Nazi gold, and have it harbor a small private army loyal to this coronel (or whatever rank), useful in case of sudden security needs? Perhaps. There are many possible speculations as to why a few Nazi coins might be found in an abandoned jungle fortress, beginning with “Some SS cutthroat did indeed escape with a crapton of money, and did this because it made him feel better and he could afford it; the Argentines were glad to receive their regular payments for looking the other way.” That I could imagine. “That it was built to hide an escaped Hitler” is among the farthest-fetched. Historiography works out this reasoning, asks why people would or could do this or that, and seeks plausible explanations that fit the existing evidence and common sense. This show counts upon an audience with no grasp of historiography. It produces various little bits of interesting detail, then skips the whole reasoning process and leaps directly to the desired conclusion.

And what of local witnesses who seem to confirm rumors, or make statements? Don’t underestimate the motion picture industry. There is a term: the ‘frankenbite.’ A frankenbite is a manufactured speech clip, and the short version is this: if Hollywood wants to make you answer “yes” to “Did you have sex with ourangoutangs?”, that isn’t even a challenge for them. It’s a little more work to put a completely false sentence in your mouth, but they can do it. This is how reality shows work. It’s very interesting to talk to people off the record who have signed all those enormous NDAs (sorry, no names; I’m not Hollywood).

Those aren’t my only examples. I have a very close friend who appeared on a documentary as a subject matter expert, and they manipulated his footage so as to make him appear to confirm material he knew to be without substance. So just because some old Argentine granny seems to say in translated Spanish, “Yes, we saw Hitler every day; he liked gardening and hanging captured rats”, that doesn’t mean she actually said that. It means that the show needed her to say that. Hollywood lies. It’s in the lying business, and that’s not a slam; it is just what Hollywood does. It does it very well after many years of refined practice. When Hollywood wants someone to say something, it makes him or her say it. Never cooperate with Hollywood if you have any expectation that you will be presented with integrity. Hollywood does not do integrity.

Ah, but the scanned documents we see the investigators excerpting? Certainly look like the real thing, do they not? I expect they are real–but look what the producers do. Splatters of blocked-out text all over the document, hinting at classification (which is ludicrous in context)–and then the blacking peeled away to show you the five or six context-deprived words that seem to support whatever the show is pitching. Without the context, of course, the words are meaningless, even potentially distortive. For an imaginary example:

“Arcega claimed to have seen copies of Hitler‘s book on many occasions. He reported seeing a number of suspicious German-speaking Argentine nationals around town.”

Does the show go so far as to warp the meaning that badly? We do not know. If not, why do they not want us to see? We are given more than ample grounds to suspect any level of imaginable deception, and the sleight-of-hand here is the hint that the viewer is learning Very Big Secrets. The viewer is not supposed to ask: why are you hiding the majority of the text? Why not just show it all and color-highlight the relevant portion? Are you afraid that viewers will pause the DVR and read the whole document, discovering that it really doesn’t say what you imply it does? This one is so obvious I don’t see how anyone gets past it. It would insult a child’s intelligence.

While the show offers regular insults to the intellect, some of them are beyond the pale. One of the cast members is “Special Forces Tim Kennedy.” I have no reason to doubt that Tim was in SF. However, if he was in SF, he would know that this is not the way they say this. He would say he was ex-SF. He would not say he was “a Special Forces.” He might say he was Special Forces-qualified, or a Special Forces veteran, etc, but if he used it alone as a noun it would refer to SF as a whole. He would use it adjectivally to refer to a member, tactic, facility, or something else owned by SF. But that isn’t the comical part. Another ‘investigator’ is introduced, and we are told he is a ‘Green Beret.’ This term, of course, refers to Special Forces. Yes. I am serious. The show introduces one guy as ‘a Special Forces,’ one as ‘a Green Beret,’ and counts upon us not asking why they used two different terms for the exact same thing. Because it sounds cooler to the audience, is my guess.

I guess they figured that anyone who understands anything at all about World War II, military history, or even the modern military is not part of their audience. This one is aimed at the “too ignorant to know any better, too uneducated to think” demographic easily lured toward a TV by a whiff of Hitler.

Or, these days, perhaps they figure Hitler has enough closet fans (and nearly all of those are too dumb to think much, or they wouldn’t be closet Dolphies) to make a pretty big market for the demographic that would love to hear of Hitler’s escape.

I suspect the first. I don’t rule out the second.


22 thoughts on “Scumbag studies: what’s wrong with “Hunting Hitler””

  1. Everything you said is so true. I call Hunting Hitler the “stupidest show on television” yet I watch it every week to see how much more ludicrous it can get. I’m no Hitler expert but as far as I know very little of what is presented is new information. All speculation, no proof. I’m happy to say Hitler died in that bunker back in 1945 – this show won’t convince me otherwise.


    1. Thanks for weighing in, Stephen. At this point we’re watching it as a critical thinking exercise: we’re there to find the flaws in their reasoning. I do not reflexively reject alternate/conspiracy explanations, but they do have to pass basic logical tests and withstand scrutiny. I know eighth-graders who could tear this apart without breaking a sweat.


  2. If they mistook Moe Howard for Hitler, or tried to make a case that a photo of Howard might be an older Hitler, yeah, I concur there as well. I looked. That’s just silliness on their part.


    1. It was more than silliness. Someone knowingly downloaded the Howard photo, flipped it over, cropped out the details which would have given it away, then printed it out to look like an old B&W photo (the original image was in color), down to the scalloped edges I remember from old snapshots of my family from the 50’s & 60’s. And I doubt that it was the guy in Argentina who was responsible. Even if they didn’t do it, the people on the show need to step up and own their shit if they want any claim to credibility or integrity. Just saying “it’s not him” doesn’t cut it.


      1. I don’t think they make serious claims toward cred or integrity. They’re Hollywood. Hollywood is an industry of professional liars; not a bad thing when it comes to telling a good fiction story, but a very bad thing when it comes to non-fiction.


  3. Hunting hitler is all about conspiracy’s and what ifs.
    Potsdam Conference in 1946, United States President Harry S. Truman asked Joseph Stalin if Hitler was dead, and Stalin’s response was simply, “No.”
    Russian military commandant of Berlin, Colonel General Berzarin said Hitler might well be alive. “We have found several bodies that might be Hitler’s, but we cannot state that he is dead. My opinion is that Hitler has gone into hiding and is somewhere in Europe, possibly with General Franco.
    General Eisenhower states “There is every assumption that Hitler is dead, but not a bit of conclusive proof that he is dead.”

    If anyone could of, he would of!
    Loads did and have new nice life’s


    1. I don’t mind what-if scenarios if they don’t insult the intelligence. This show does. It is well known that Stalin sought to sow general suspicion about an escaped Hitler, which might be a useful weapon in his upcoming adverse years with the West.

      Your last statement doesn’t make much sense, honestly, because the first sentence is not true. As for the second, loads got out who were not trapped in Berlin as late as April 29, 1945; but the outlook for anyone caught in the Soviet encirclement was another story. Bottom line: the notion that Hitler survived has two enormous hurdles to clear, the show bypasses both, and thus puts itself in wingnutland from the very start.


  4. My only problem with your article is the Tim Kennedy bit. Man is legit special forces. Served as a sniper /sniper instructor, I believe he was in the seventh battalion or something like that. He served in operation Iraqi freedom. I’ve been a fan of his for a while and have seen and heard him on lots of different podcasts and other shows. Also if you look at his Twitter you see a lot of stuff of him doing stuff with the military.


    1. I do not say that I necessarily doubt that Tim was in SF. I simply call into question the terminology that describes him, especially when it contrasts with another SF man called a ‘Green Beret,’ as if the two were not one and the same.


      1. That’s because ‘green beret’ are a particular group of special forces that have a unique role to most others. So that is actually correct having distinguished between the two.


      2. That’s confusing Special Forces (a branch of the US Army that wears green berets, and a proper noun) with special forces as a generalized concept. The former is a subset of the latter. Pretty sure the portrayed participants are well aware of the difference, and that the show refers to the actual branch rather than in general.


  5. I doubt very much that Hitler & Eva Braun ever travelled to Argentina via a U-boat. Think about these points. Mariners thought it was bad luck to have women on boats at sea. Hitler was claustrophobic, so I would hardly think he would be on a U-boat. Hitler was paranoid of everyone, including his Generals so why would he get on a U-boat with a bunch of sailors he didn’t know? If anybody knows anything about WW2 Submarines, they would know that living conditions were appalling, everything felt greasy, smelt and tasted of diesel oil or battery acid, it was hot and humid to the point where everything was damp.
    So does anyone seriously contend Hitler would have had a banana chair up on the deck working on his suntan whilst they sailed across the oceans?

    There are two other observations I would like to make about this whole idea that Hitler escaped Berlin and travelled to Argentina via U-boat. The Goebbels were Hitlers most loyalest followers, so much so that Magda Goebbels murdered their 6 children at the bunker the day after Hitler and Joseph and Magda committed suicide and tried to have their bodies cremated like Hitlers. So, if Hitler could have escaped, why didn’t the Goebbels also escape? I believe the skull fragment that the Russians have is that of Magda Goebbels, the actual evidence fits her profile. Perhaps they got the bodies confused over time. Another point is that all the inner circle of Hitler that were in the bunker in late April 1945 have been accounted for except Hitler and Eva Braun. The others were either killed, committed suicide, captured or hung after the Nuremberg trials. So, Hitler would have to put his trust in people he didn’t really know to secure his life, I don’t think so.

    Also, On March 27, with the presidential decree 6945, Argentina declared war on Japan, and on Germany as an ally of Japan. The demands to Argentina by the allies were: the calling of elections, eradication of any Nazi presence in the country, and complete cooperation with international organisations. President Perón agreed: German organisations were curtailed, pro-nazi manifestations were banned, and German goods were seized. The Argentine merchant navy was instructed to ignore the German blockade.

    A few days later, on April 10 1945, the United Kingdom, France, the United States and the other Latin American countries restored diplomatic relations with Argentina. Still, the diplomatic hostility against Argentina from the United States resurfaced after the unexpected death of Franklin D. Roosevelt, who was succeeded by Harry S. Truman. The ambassador Spruille Braden would organise opposition to the government of Farrell and Perón.

    The final Nazi defeat in the European Theatre of World War II took place a month later, greeted with demonstrations of joy in Buenos Aires. Similar demonstrations took place in August, after the surrender of Japan, bringing World War II to its final end. Farrell lifted the state of emergency, declared by Castillo after the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbour.

    People read one little piece of gossip and believe it must have happened and fail to understand the actual context of the bigger picture of society at the time, the panic, the political manoeuvring, the actual behaviour or mental thinking of the person featured in the gossip. I could go on and on debunking many of the beliefs people have about Hitler escaping to live the high life after the war, based on the gossip. Just watch the History Channels “Hunting Hitler”, filled with gossip and so-called experts claiming every time they hear someone mention Nazi it must be connected to Hitler. They fail from the beginning to understand the German people and the world at the time and the situation people found themselves in. Using their methodology if I said I saw someone that looked like Elvis, then he must still be alive and it’s a cover up about his death.
    The show is pure theatre with a bunch of people who wouldn’t have a clue about WW2 history and their so-call evidence would not hold up in any court. It’s a work of fiction.

    With regards to the so call discovery of a “secret tunnel” in which Hitler made his so-call escape. Well where do I start here? Let’s start with the program “Hunting Hitler”, the so-call team of expert go into the tunnel system within Templehof Airfield looking for a connection with the subway system. They say they are going to the deepest sections of the tunnels, yet they travel up a flight of stairs and when they are leaving they are going down the stairs, Ok a minor point! When they get to a apparently bricked up section, the FBI guy says “pass me the GPS and I’ll get a position fix and we can go up top and see where the end of the tunnel is”. Well 2nd lie, because anyone that has used a GPS knows you need line of sight with a number of satellites to get a position fix. Simply put GPS don’t work underground.

    Then when they use the GPR to look of a entrance in the subway and they get a squiggly line on the monitor they exclaim they have found a hidden tunnel, (Case Closed?) No then they tap on a few ceramic tiles on the wall and get a hollow sound. Gee here is the proof we have found a hidden tunnel Hitler escaped through to get to Argentina.

    The world Media is onto this exciting new historical find which will change world history about Hitlers death or escape.

    The funny thing is, why didn’t someone actually open the entrance to the so- call tunnel and show the world, after all it might have been filled with important relics. Or at the very least put a fibre optic camera or endoscope in to actually confirm it was a tunnel and not just a old cupboard space covered over.

    Something else they failed in telling the viewer is that all the subways were used as air raid shelters for the people of Berlin. Also after WW2 and the Berlin Wall there are many escape tunnels from East Berlin, The authorities know of about 1000. There are Gas, water, Sewage, electricity and other utilities all through these areas and get moved about from time to time. No real attempt was made to confirm their statement and conclusively prove it is a escape tunnel or what it actually is, if anything but then again this show is very light on facts that they prove beyond any doubt and full of very slopping expensive television.


  6. The whole envelope of so-call evidence the Hunting Hitler team put forward about Martin Bormann is absolutely laughable.

    1. In Season 2, Episode 7 they speak with Eliana Keller alleged adopted daughter of Juan Keller AKA Martin Bormann. In the interview she claims that her father was really worried when he knew about the capture of Adolf Eichmann and that he started to panic.

    Also during this episode they show the viewer some evidence found in a government department archives stating that Juan Keller AKA Martin Bormann died in February 1959 of stomach cancer, this was supposedly confirmed by other eye witnesses.

    This present some problems.

    Adolf Eichmann was captured on 11 May 1960 near his home on Garibaldi Street in San Fernando, Buenos Aires, 20 kilometres north of the centre of Buenos Aires. This is a fact. So Adolf Eichmann was capture over a year after Juan Keller AKA Martin Bormann had died according to this new evidence. So how could Juan Keller AKA Martin Bormann have spoken about Eichmann’s capture? Adolf Eichmann’s exact location wasn’t even know in 1959.

    2. They show Eliana Keller photos of Martin Bormann taken prior to 1946 and ask her “is this your father?” in which she replies “yes”. Why didn’t they ask her if she had any photos of her father prior to asking her about Martin Bormann? Surely, if he was pretending to be a family man they would have had family photos taken at some point. There was also no mention that the real Martin Bormann was already married with 10 children prior to 1945 and they continued to live in Germany to a ripe old age. These children were never interviewed by the Hunting Hitler team or even get a mention in the plot. She claimed that her father made her speak German, why didn’t they ask her to speak in German at some point? It was worth asking her these questions I feel.

    There is another possibility that “someone” was impersonating Martin Bormann in a effort to get something from the German communities in SA which they never explored.

    Hunting Hitler: Nazi Bunkers Uncovered in Denmark (Season 2, Episode 2)

    The Hunting Hitler “Elite” investigators, in their rush to have Hitler everywhere they forgot to read some actual facts. Think Atlantic Wall, over 2000 bunkers built from Norway to France all throughout the war to defend against a allied invasions from the west. It’s a no brainer these bunkers were a part of this. James Holland already knows this but for some reason he chose not not disclose this information and went along with Hunting Hitler version of history. I say James Holland knew about the Atlantic Wall because he has done a number of documentaries about the bunkers and has written extensively about the Atlantic Wall.

    Oh and the Germans had paper tags on their weapons, look at 1.40 on the video a paper tag which would suggest they are part of a collection from a museum.

    Hunting Hitler is awash with fake evidence, missed errors and very sloppy research.


    1. Indeed, James. Their game is to take mundane things and act as if they are Great Big Discoveries. I think my favorite part was when they tried to act like the Rjukan plant’s operations were somehow unknown until they ‘discovered’ them. The show is a factual train wreck.


  7. I think the book Grey Wolf already proved to me that Hitler died in Argentina in the 70’s as a bitter old man. And the fact that this show didn’t touch anything in that book, showed me that the didn’t take this investigation seriously…


    1. That or they didn’t think it was credible enough to address, perhaps. I would find it surprising were he to have lived until the 1970s even in the most promising circumstances, but I looked at an online description of the book you mention, and it suggests the authors assert he lived until 1962–less of a stretch. I was surprised to find that Lynn Picknett and her cohorts (from the way-out book about how Goering supposedly died in British custody and was replaced at Nuremberg and in Spandau by a double) hadn’t written it, but as an editor I get it: the subject of Nazi escapes or cover-ups always does have a receptive audience.


    2. Nathan, the authors of the book Grey Wolf were also presenters of Hunting Hitler. The book was widely criticised for being inaccurate and largely a work of fiction by world renowned scholars and historians. The fact that many GERMANS, some who were staunch Nazi’s went to South America is nothing new, in fact South America was colonised by many german families in the 1800’s. In the 20th century many were fleeing the nazi’s during the 1930’s. Not all germans were Nazi’s as hunting hitler will have people believe.


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